Identity & Branding

Creating an identity while focusing on a blend of heritage by utilizing established symbols, ethnic style and natural colors to form a memorable mark.

Character Illustration

Bringing to life a character to embody the fun, lively atmosphere and young audience helping to evolve the pub into the staple hangout in the area.


Capturing the pub at all angles and times of the day for a collection of exciting and rich photography for the restaurant to use as content for their website and social media.

Creative Direction

Our team collaborated with the management and chefs to stage their delicious dishes in the right lighting and setting to create scenes every visitor would experience.

Responsive Design & Development

With restaurant guests in mind, our approach for a mobile focus website design lead to the decisions on which information was most important to access quickly.

Social Engagement

Strategically adding an engaging social platform campaign using appealing visual and messaging contant to the client's marketing plan the resulted in great increases in reach and impressions.

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